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BlissLight Blue Laser Starfield Projector

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BlissLight Blue Laser Starfield Projector

Projector delivers the effect of an animated Blue "STARRY NIGHT SKY" to any dark room or performance hall.
Thousands of blue star-like laser beams glide slowly in different directions across the walls, ceiling and floor while a textured blue cloud field appears windblown across the sky. White walls and ceilings illuminated by these lights become windows to space when the surface disappears into the depth of holographic optics which create three dimensional effects! BlissLight Blue Laser Starfield projector uses a low cost 100mW 445nm blue/violet colored laser diode which produces a larger more square beam than the smaller green pin points created by the BlissLights Bliss15 & Bliss 50 green Laser Starfield projectors. This Blue Violet laser features beams at 445nm wavelength that are not as bright as green BlissLights beams; blue laser beams must be shown on a white surface to be visible.

See here to find a video comparison between this blue laser and the green laser Bliss 50.
See a variety of installations with this projector here. 
See our manual of suggestions for displaying these lighting effects.
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We also offer a Blue Starfield Projector with a more complex optical system similar to the Bliss 50.

The BlissLight Blue generates an enormous universe of stars over a windblown blue nebula cloud field. Laser beams radiate at a 160 degree spread from the lens, covering all surfaces from immediately in front of the projector up to 100 feet away. The Cloudfield projects a spread of about 45 degrees from the lens and covers an area of about 12' round when projected from the floor onto an 8-foot ceiling.The farther distance there is between lens and projection surface, the wider the cloudfield circle will be, with effects reaching 40 to 60 feet away before distinct cloud definition fades. Ambient lighting will diminish laser lighting effects which are always most distinct in completely dark areas. Equipped with newly developed laser, LED lighting elements and Multiphase High Resolution Holographic Optical elements on synchronous motors, this unit is state-of-the art! Carefully tested and FDA approved for its safe viewing of laser beams within a few inches of the lens, no variance or permits are needed for us in public settings.

The BlissLight Blue Laser Projector is a recent addition to the unique line of patented laser and LED projectors of Starfield projectors which are famous for projecting a Starry Night Sky in venues across the nation. One of the first Blue Starfield projectors was made for Disneyland and is now used in "Walt's Room" at the Anaheim Disneyland location. Inside the castle at the park's entrance a special guest is chosen by Disneyland staff to stay for one night// Here is where they'll find this projector displayed while enjoying the privilege of staying in Walt's room which is fashioned after the authentic Neushwanstein Castle in Bavaria.


Compare Laser Starfield Projectors:
~The Bliss 50 Laser Starfield Projector is the most powerful model with a complex optic lens that generates thousands of bright laser starbeams in random patterns over a windblown blue nebula cloudfield. VIDEO HERE 
~ The Bliss 15 is similar to Bliss 50 but with less complex optics and less laser starbeams; patterns in the projection are more obvious at times. Coverage area is similar to Bliss 50 but less saturated with beams. VIDEO HERE
~BlisslightBlue Laser Starfield Projector uses a Blue Laser to create thousands of blue laser beams over a blue cloudfield. Blue lasers are less sharp and brilliant than green. VIDEO HERE 
~ Laser Stars Laser Twilight Starfield Projector is the least powerful or complex one of the series. Pattern has a brighter central north star that all of the star beams move around. Projects at a 90 degree spread from the lens and covers about 20 foot circle of starbeams with a central blue cloudfield of about 8', when projected from a floor to an 8 foot ceiling. Uses a cooling fan so you can hear it in operation. 4 hour auto shut-off.
~Spright Outfoor Laser Starfield Projector uses the same optics as the Spright MOVE with stationary beams. VIDEO HERE
~Spright MOVE Indoor/Outdoor Moving Beam Laser Starfield Projector  VIDEO HERE
~ Laser Wand - Laser Starfield Projector uses the same optics as a Bliss 15 with smaller power output; still shoots beams up to 200'.

- Power use - Less than 30watts, 120 volt ac. Yes, this powerful projector uses less electricity than a small incandescent light bulb!
- Dimensions of projector only 4.4" wide x 4.4" tall x 8" long + mounting bracket 5" x 6" base x 6" tall
- Laser diode lifetime - MTBF more than 7,000 hours,
- Laser color = Blue Violet beams = 445nm wavelength
- Laser power - 100mW - each individual beam is less than 4.9mW
- Laser cooling time - The Bliss Light projectors are silent with internal fan coolled operation so they can run 24 hours a day without the need for a typical laser cool down time.
- LED Cloud Color is 455nm Royal Blue as on the Bliss 50 & 15
- LED power - 1 watt
- Dimensions including mounting bracket - 6.5 in. wide x 9 in. tall x 10 in. deep (this includes the mounting bracket)
- LED Nebula Cloudfield is fully adjustable by rheostat dial on the back from off to full power.
- Operating Temperature - Lasers don't like the cold any more than you do..............
Keep your laser warm. If you pull your laser projector out of your cold car and it is dim, it just needs to warm up.

These laser beams are completely safe. They are tested carefully and CDRH/FDA certified guaranteeing that no beams coming out of the box are potentially harmful, after you are more than a few inches from the lens. This uses a Laser Classified - FLPPS Class IIa which requires no variance, licensing or permitting to operate it. Each laser beam is less than 5mw in power, similar to a laser pen. They are used by DJs and homeowners across the nation.

This amazing new lighting projector design was created by our dear friend LaserRandy aka Randy Johnson, after years of presenting big laser shows at Burning Man and other festivals, he designed the Starfield Projector as a night light for his kids. When friends saw these laser lights they encouraged him to go into production in 2006, and make them for everyone, the enthusiasm has been building and more products produced ever since. Now besides the models you see here, Randy is designing custom computer interfacing systems for big theme parks around the globe. If you have ever attended Burning Man you will remember seeing huge laser beams visible for miles projecting over the head of the Burning Man in the center of the Playa. In 2001 Randy and his team were responsible for creating the famous Emerald City and the Church of WOW shown in the photo above. Now more and more of our lighting effects are being used at this enormous art festival each Labor Day in Northern Nevada. For those of you planning to run your laser lights away from an AC power connection, you'll need a generator or an inverter that delivers a pure Sine Wave, not a quasi sine wave or modified sine wave. We have a source for these sine wave inverters.

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