Eclipse Festival in Cairns, Australia includes Laser Fireflies from BlissLights Sprights and moving laser beams


The best place on earth to view this full solar eclipse is in Port Douglas, Cairns, Queensland, Australia and the park where much of this celebration will take place is filled with millions of laser beams from the over 20 BlissLights Sprights and Moving Beam Laser Light Projectors that we supplied.

The 2012 Total Solar Eclipse on November 14, will best be viewed in Cairns, which is on the path of totality of the eclipse.  Totality will occur just after sunrise at 6:39am AEST (gmt+10) with the Sun 14 degrees above the horizon. Here is the web site that supplies all of the information about this event.

In the winter of 2011, the Cairns Regional Council started purchasing our laser projectors to fill the trees in a waterfront park with their firefly appearance. Here is their report from that Christmas celebration "Last Christmas when they were on it was fantastic to see small children chasing the lights on the ground and stepping on them. We have extremely old fig trees in the park that we hang Christmas decorations from and the lights act as fire flies on the branches and foliage." As Christmas decorations go up around the world you can join thousands of others by adding  the firefly effect of our Laser Starfield Projectors while supplies last.

Click on these links BlissLights Sprights and Multi Color Moving Beam Laser Projectors or go to to get your landscape laser projector to dazzle your family and neighbors with this low energy use high tech new solution to celebrating with lighting effects.

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