Fireflies in your forest? It just might be a Spright Laser Starfield projector!

Posted on April 04 2013

fireflies1 Have you ever had the joy of capturing fireflies in a bottle? Now you can shower your yard with firefly-like laser beams from our BlissLights landscape laser projectors. The Spright projector features stationary beams while the LS20G-SZ Laser Starfield Projector features moving beams. Both of these wondrous outdoor lasers spread thousands of pin-point beams of light, at a 160 degree spread, for up to one hundred yards away from the lens! Laser lighting effects to take your breath away and give you the same magic of flittering fireflies, simply plug in and enjoy! firefies


firefly tech sheet

Fireflies fascinate with their creation of lighting effects!

lightning-bugs magpies

Imagine your own yard or special space showered with thousands of "fireflies" from your new Spright Laser Starfield Projector!

spright 2


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