Laser Twilight, the new Laser Star! COMING SOON

Posted on June 18 2013

laser twilight

Scheduled to arrive the last week of June is the new and improved Laser Star Starfield Projector, now known as the Laser Twilight! Place your order now with to reserve this exciting new product. The Laser Twilight is a great way to add your favorite effect of a starry night sky and windblown nebula cloud to your home, restaurant, nightclub, dance studio, children's bedrooms and more. Creating a similar effect to that of the Bliss 15 and Bliss 50 laser starfield projectors, the Laser Twilight projects hundreds of moving green starbeams along with a moving blue cloudfield, covering up to one hundred feet or more. While waiting for the new version of this old favorite to arrive, we came across these videos on YouTube. One in particular gave us a good laugh! Remember, these lighting effects can transform ANY dark area into a magical show of twinkling stars with a beautiful blue cloud. Immerse yourself in blissful light, relax and enjoy the new Laser Twilight! [youtube] [youtube] Trying to decide between the Laser Twilight, Bliss 15, Bliss 50 or other starfield projectors? Compare these lighting effects below: ~The Bliss 50 Laser Starfield Projector is the most powerful model and has a more complex dual optic lens, generating brighter,green laser starbeams, in the most complex random patterns, over an adjustable, windblown nebula cloudfield in blue. ~ The Bliss 15 is similar to the Bliss 50 but with less complex optics and less laser beams, geometric patterns are obvious at times. The coverage is similar to the Bliss 50 but less saturated with beams. ~BlissBlue Laser Starfield Projector uses a Blue Laser to create thousands of blue laser beams over a blue cloudfield. Stars are not as sharp, blue lasers have a softer beam. ~ Laser Stars Laser Twilight Starfield Projector is the least powerful or complex one of the series. Starbeam pattern has a brighter central north star that all starbeams move around. Features a 90 degree spread from the lens and covers a 20 foot circle of starbeams with a central blue cloudfield of about 8 feet, when projected from the floor onto an 8 foot ceiling. You can hear the cooling fan during operation. ~ Spright outdoor Starfield Projector uses the same optics and power of laser as the Bliss 15 but beams are stationary. ~ LS20G outdoor Starfield Projector uses the same optics and laser power as the Bliss 15, features moving beams like the Bliss 15. ~ Laser Wand - Laser Starfield Projector uses the same optics as a Bliss 15 with smaller power output, can shoot beams up to 200 feet away. indoor outdoor projectors


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