Christmas lighting effects in Sacramento and across the nation.

Posted on December 10 2014

lasers 3D sacramento

When the fog rolls in the BlissLights Spright Laser Starfield Projectors take on a third dimension for dramatic displays. By adding a fog machine when the air is calm, an even more magical lighting effect occurs.

brooke 2014

This customer put the BlissLights Green Spright Laser Starfield Projector on the roof ridge of their house aiming towards the yard and tree so that they could see the beams from their house and all across their lawn. brooke2 2014

Here you see the display on the lawn and tree where the laser beams can be seen from the street and by looking out their window. Often customers use numerous projectors in their front and back yard so that the lighting effects are visible from the street to celebrate with their community and from the house as they look out their windows. Many customers leave their projectors operating all year long for an accent to their yard and magical effect to their summer nights parties.




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