Party lighting is easy with a few Laser Starfield Projectors

Posted on April 29 2015

lance party lasers                   Here are some examples of how to to spice up a party with laser starfield projectors from LasersandLights and others. These lasers can also be rented for parties, weddings, school dances and any event.  sparkles at lances This Spring event is what one Burning Man theme camp did to host a party while waiting for their annual reunion with playa. Notice how this fast moving Starry Starry Night Laser Projector makes this fireworks like explosive view on the walls as the beams race through their pattern. This is a very different effect from the popular BlissLights that move very slowly and also have a moving Blue LED cloudfield. douglas hooper lance party lasers 2                 Outdoors the laser beams become three dimensional where they pass through smoke or fog.  douglas hooper lance party lasers   Watch party goers get covered with colorful moving laser beams that keeps the energy moving. ilka lance indoor party                 Light up the dance floor for special effects that everyone loves. Create other dimensions in space with these holographic laser projectors. douglas hooper lance party lasers pole                 Even the pole dancer takes on new proportions


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