Galaxy Wand

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The Galaxy Wand, available in Green or Red, will shower your surroundings up to hundreds of feet away with thousands of laser beams. Twisting the lens will create thousands of variations in the light patterns. Wiggling the Galaxy Wand produces even more exciting shapes and patterns.

The Galaxy Wand Laser Projectors are for great for Festivals, Burning Man™, dance parties, night clubs, any dark room, projecting into landscape for the firefly effect filling the leaves and branches. Shoot the beams into fog or smoke and the full length of each beam will become illuminated. Over the Christmas Holidays we did displays mixing the red and green galaxy wands and both Starry Starry Night projectors to get the perfect red/green holiday blend. The Galaxy Wand operates only when you hold the button down and uses 2 AAA batteries that last about an hour of continuous use.


  • 40 degree spread
  • Grid pattern is adjustable at the tip
  • Wavelength 532 nm
  • Dimensions 15.5cm X 1.2cm
  • Power Output 30 mW
  • Batteries 2 - AAA
  • Range 500 Ft
  • Safety Class IIIb
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