Laser Pointer

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These powerful Laser Pointers, available in Green or Red, send a visible single beam hundreds of yards. You can pin point an object at any visible distance.

The Laser Pointer can pin point an object at any visible distance or clearly point out stars in the sky to others. If you are using this indoors the 5mw has all the power you will need and outdoors it is capable of sending a very long visible beam. These sturdy metal wands are 6.25 in. long x.5 in wide and use 2 AAA batteries. **Caution: There are laws against pointing laser beams into the sky if they pass near or at any plane or helicopter. Be sure not to allow this to happen. Lasers with powerful single beams like these are not toys and can hurt eyes with contact. Although a brief contact is not likely to have an impact we cannot guarantee safety and advise that you simply point them away from people and don't let children handle them. There are some companies now selling much more powerful single beam lasers that could do eye damage in seconds. Never allow a single laser beam to land on your eyes unless you are absolutely sure you know it is less than 5mW and safe. You will not have to be concerned with the starfield projectors on laser wands we offer since each beam is less than 1mw.

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