Green & Red 4 Pattern variable speed Laser Projector

$ 36.00

The Dual Color Red/Green 4 Pattern Laser Projector illuminates thousands of brilliant laser beams dancing across the walls and ceilings.  This inexpensive product will project thousands of brilliant red & green laser light beams. Watch patterns spread wider as the distance between surface and projection lens increases. Exciting laser light beams appear to speed up and slow down as they travel over different angles, mirrors or other spaces you choose. Let your imagination run wild! A geometric grid pattern contracts and expands on a variable speed motor, making it possible to go from fast motions to completely still.  Stop patterns at any point in the cycle! Just plug in and turn on, the Starry Starry Night laser light projector sits on an adjustable bracket for use on flat surface or mounting on the wall. The Multi 4 pattern dual color red-green laser light projector emits both colors together in sequences that last about 2 to 3 minutes. Adjustable from slow to fast, strobe-flash and music mode.



Power: AC power supply input AC 110v-240v/50-60Hz, output 5.0v 1.0A
Laser Generator: Wavelength green 532nmm, power 50mw/, Wavelength red 650nm, power 100mw.
Laser grade: Class IIIa
Dimensions: 5.00"x3.60"x2.05"
Indoor use recommended

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