Spectrum Enchanter 48 Pattern 3D Laser Projector with Bluetooth Speaker (SL-41)
The Enchanter by Spectrum Laser Lights - 48 Moving Pattern Red, Green & Blue 3D Laser Projector The Enchanter is the most advanced multi-pattern laser projector on the market with a built-in BlueTooth speaker! The audio-sync technology randomizes the laser light show to the beat of...
$ 148.00 $ 135.00
Spectrum RGB Moving Firefly Laser Light Projector (SL-33)
The Spectrum Laser Lights Moving Firefly - Red, Green & Blue Laser Light Projector This dynamic moving laser projector creates a wide starfield of over 100,000 points of light with multiple color combinations to choose from mixing Red, Green, and Blue, giving you 9 color combination...
$ 119.00 $ 110.00
Spectrum Firefly Laser Light with RGB Cosmic Clouds & Bluetooth Speaker (SL-56)
Firefly Light Projector with RGB Cosmic Clouds by Spectrum Laser Lights Summer Firefly laser projectors simulate summertime fireflies with "Firefly Yellow lime" laser glow effects. Ideal for summer time parties or year round for a myriad of events and occasions....
$ 139.00 $ 119.00
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