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Rent a professional Blisslights laser light projector for an incredible starry sky effect, create lights that will cover your venue with a mesmerizing, slow moving night sky lighting effect. Thousands of miniature stars at your control with the BlissLights laser light projector rental. This is the “WOW” effect your guests will remember! Starry night lighting is an easy way to add ambiance to your wedding or event.

One small box delivers the effect of a starry night sky to any dark room. Thousands of slowly moving, brilliant green laser beams glide in different directions across the walls, ceiling, and floor. There is also a holographic blue nebula moving cloudfield LED light that can be turned on or off to create a realistic looking night sky. Plug it in, set on a table or shelf. Aim at ceiling or wall. You're done! Do-it-yourself starry night lighting is quick and easy to set up.  Our BlissLights laser light rentals are only available in the lower 48 United States.

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