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Lighting Ideas & Inspirations

Light projectors are a quick and easy way to create magical lighting experiences.
Get inspired by the collection of indoor and outdoor light show displays below:

Patio Star Shower Laser Light BlissLights
Green FireFly Laser Light for Hot Tub

Laser light projectors are perfect for lighting up patios and sunrooms. Light up the night and relax with a star shower surrounding or firefly light effect! Take a look at some customer displays using the BlissLights MOTION and Sparkle Magic Illuminator Laser Lights.

Outdoor Event Lighting with Laser Light Projectors Blue and Green
Green Christmas Laser Light Projector On House

Look at the magical lighting displays created by using a few simple outdoor light projectors (BlissLights COLOR, Sparkle Magic Illuminator, and Night Stars 16 Color LED). Set the mood at an outdoor patio dinner or decorate your home with the best lighting display on the block in just a few minutes!   

Christmas Laser Light on House Green and Red Laser
Blue Sparkle Magic Laser Light on House at Night

Decorating your house for the holidays has never been easier than it is now with laser projector lights. Just plug in and point the projector to illuminate your house with a star shower of colorful lights. Impress all of your guests and neighbors with a laser light displays like they have never seen before!  

BlissLights BL-50 Starfield light at wedding
BlissLights BL-50 Starfield light at nightclub

The BlissLights BL-50 used at a large company conference in New York City. This projector is trusted by professional lighting experts and deejays worldwide  

Below is a photo of the BlissLights BL-50 being used at a nightclub in California. The starfield is projected with the nebula blue cloudfield.

BlissLights BL-15 Cloudfield night laser on cieling at wedding
BlissLights BL-50 Starry night laser on cieling at wedding

Check out the mesmerizing color of the illuminated cloudfield displayed from the BlissLights BL-15. The BlissLights projectors are always a hit at weddings. 

A sky full of stars light show on the ceiling at a wedding party. There is no better way to get your guests on the dance floor.. well besides for some alcohol ;) 

Decorate inside the house for the holidays or your next party with indoor laser light projectors. Get some ideas of the BlissLights COLOR and BlissLights Motion Laser projectors in action below!

Halloween Red Laser Light Indoor decorations BlissLights Red
Blisslights Indoor Blue Fire Flies Laser Laser BlissLightsBlissLights Blue Laser Light Projector on ceiling
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