Night Stars Double Coverage - Red and Green Laser Light
Decorate twice the area with this double coverage red and green laser light projector by Night Stars! The Night Stars Quatro premium series laser light has the coverage of four standard laser projectors. This unit can cover up to 6,000 square feet...
$ 149.95 $ 79.95
BlissLights SKYLite Laser Galaxy Projector
The BlissLights SKYlite: Ultimate Laser Projector + LED Nebula Cloud Bring a galaxy to any room indoors! The SKYlite instantly projects a field of drifting stars against a transforming blue nebula cloud. The simple button controls make it easy to cycle...
$ 59.95 $ 49.95
BlissLights ARK Aurora Light Projector
The BlissLights Ark shines a soothing abstract green laser "aurora" over a soft blue nebula cloud. This indoor projector creates the effects of the northern lights right on your wall and ceiling - the perfect atmosphere for movie night, listening to music, or...
$ 59.99 $ 39.95
Night Stars Premium Red/Green Vortex Laser Light with 16-Color LED Spotlight
Unlike most laser light projectors on the market that display multiple copies of the same pattern, this Night Stars premium series laser light displays one large vortex pattern! Watch the vortex movement swirl right before your eyes or freeze the display with...
$ 129.99 $ 59.95
Night Stars Red & Green Shimmer Laser Light with Remote
The Red & Green Shimmer Laser Light projector creates thousands of sparkling laser beams to display on your landscape or house in minutes! The shimmer effect is a one of a kind feature that adds a true "wow" effect for the holidays. The...
$ 129.99 $ 59.95
Night Stars Moving 6 Pattern Red & Green Laser Projector
The Night Stars Moving 6 Pattern Laser Light Projector is the perfect Christmas laser projector!  This projector has dual moving light show displays (green and red) that move in a spinning motion and project 6 different patterns. This projector can be used both outdoors or indoors. Decorate your...
$ 79.95 $ 49.95
INFINITY Motion Red & Green Laser Light Projector with Remote
Decorate your home for Christmas with the professional quality INFINITY Motion green & red laser light projector. You can set the light to motion, steady, and set on a timer with the remote control. The remote makes it easy to turn the unit on/off and...
$ 109.00 $ 69.00
Spectrum RGB Moving 18 Pattern Laser Projector with Bluetooth Speaker (SL-38)
The Spectrum Laser Lights 18 Moving Pattern - Red, Green & Blue Laser Light Projector The SL-38 laser projector is Spectrum's flagship multi-pattern laser projector with a built-in BlueTooth speaker!  The audio-sync technology randomizes the laser light show to the beat of your music! Pairing is simple...
$ 145.00 $ 119.00
Spectrum Cannon RGB Moving 16 Pattern Laser Projector with Bluetooth Speaker (SL-39)
The Cannon 16 Moving Pattern - Red, Green & Blue Laser Projector by Spectrum Laser Lights The Cannon laser projector offers 16 large patterns and has a built-in BlueTooth speaker! The audio-sync technology randomizes the laser light show to the beat of your music! Pairing is simple with...
$ 125.00 $ 114.00
Night Stars Digital Motion Projector with 12 Holiday Animations
Amaze your family, friends, and the entire neighborhood with the magical animations from this innovative holiday projector. Display holiday video scenes in a window or on a wall with the Night Stars Holiday Digital Motion Projector! Included SD card comes...
$ 139.99 $ 89.95
Night Stars Red & Green Holiday Laser with White LED and Holiday Sounds
The brilliant Night Stars laser display you love…now equipped with motion-activated light and sound! Kick off the season and surprise your Trick-or-Treaters with the sights and sounds of Halloween-themed effects! Delight your friends and family with dazzling red and green...
$ 99.95 $ 79.95
Night Stars Red Laser & Flickering LED Wax Candle with Remote (Rechargeable)
The Night Stars Flameless Laser Candle is a unique and stylish candle equipped with a red laser and flickering LED light. The Night Stars Candle can be battery-operated or plugged into an outlet with the included power adapter. The timer lets...
$ 39.99 $ 29.95
Spectrum RGB Moving 18 Pattern Laser Christmas Light Projector (SL-37)
The Spectrum Laser Lights 18 Moving Pattern - Red, Green & Blue Laser Light Projector The SL-37 laser projector is Spectrum's flagship multi-pattern model and customer favorite! Offering 18 moving laser patterns with color combination selection of Red, Green, and Blue, this projector gives you 54 different color/pattern...
$ 139.00 $ 129.00
Spectrum White Laser Light with 7 Color Options & Bluetooth Speaker (SL-47)
The White Laser Light with 7 Full Spectrum Colors & Bluetooth Speaker The Spectrum White Laser Projector displays a wide pure white starfield and has 6 other colors to choose from! This projector has a built-in BlueTooth speaker allowing you to have the laser light show move to...
$ 150.00 $ 129.00
Spectrum Firefly Yellow Laser Projector with Blue LED Cloud & Bluetooth Speaker (SL-55)
Firefly Yellow Laser Light Projector by Spectrum Laser Lights The Firefly Yellow laser light simulates summertime fireflies with yellow laser glow effects. In addition to the yellow firefly effect, the projector has a high-powered nebula blue LED cloud effect that creates a...
$ 129.00 $ 110.00
Night Stars Compact Red Laser Light Projector
The Night Stars Compact Red laser projector displays decorative lighting ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. It projects points of brightly red-colored light onto trees, homes, walls, landscapes, and more! Create an instant atmosphere for the holidays and entertaining or add a splash of...
$ 49.95 $ 34.95
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