Night Stars Solar Powered Laser Light Projector Red & Green Laser
The Night Stars Premium Series Solar Laser Light Projector (LL04-RG-R): With this solar-powered laser light, you'll finally be able to set up a colorful light show anywhere without the need of connecting long extension cords! Not only will you be able...
$ 99.95 $ 59.95
Night Stars White Laser Light Projector
The White Laser Light Projector by Night Stars After years in the making, Night Stars has designed the first White Laser Light for outdoor landscape lighting! Finally, you can have the perfect white laser Christmas light to create a white star shower...
$ 199.99 $ 84.95
Night Stars Double Coverage - Red and Green Laser Light
Decorate twice the area with this double coverage red and green laser light projector by Night Stars! The Night Stars Quatro premium series laser light has the coverage of four standard laser projectors. This unit can cover up to 6,000 square feet...
$ 199.99 $ 99.95
BlissLights TRIO 3-In-1 Laser Light Projector
The BlissLights TRIO has the three most popular BlissLights laser light colors all-in-one laser light projector! Within a few minutes, you can create a magical multi-colored light display with one BlissLights projector. The metal casting of this projector ensures it will perform...
$ 99.99 $ 69.99
Spectrum White Laser Light with 7 Color Options & Bluetooth Speaker (SL-47)
The White Laser Light with 7 Full Spectrum Colors & Bluetooth Speaker The Spectrum White Laser Projector displays a wide pure white starfield and has 6 other colors to choose from! This projector has a built-in BlueTooth speaker allowing you to have the laser light show move to...
$ 150.00 $ 135.00
BlissLights Spright COLOR Laser Light with LED
The BlissLights COLOR Spright laser light projector creates a single color stationary firefly effect and has a built-in 16-color LED spotlight. The Bliss Lights COLOR comes in four different laser beam light color options - Green, Red, Blue or Purple. QUICK REFERENCE:...
$ 199.00 $ 49.99
Red and Green Moving Firefly Laser Light Projector
The Red and Green Moving Firefly Laser Light projector has variable speeds and comes with a remote control. The powerful red and green laser beams move at the speed option that you choose, flashing, static or turning off the red! The laser beams...
$ 149.99 $ 79.95
Moving Red/Green Multi Pattern Landscape Laser Projector with Remote
The Moving Red/Green Multi-Pattern Landscape Laser Projector is a completely new invention for lasers. This laser projects huge bright geometric patterns that move at the speed of your choice! The speed & colored lasers are controlled in hands by the remote...
$ 295.00 $ 89.00
BlissLights Spright MOTION Laser Light Projector
The BlissLights Spright MOTION creates the ultimate moving firefly lighting effects! The BlissLights MOTION comes in three different vibrant laser colors, choose from either red, green, or blue laser beams. The Bliss MOTION projector features 10 movement speeds, starting at stationary to a fast movement that...
$ 199.00 $ 59.99
Sparkle Magic Illuminator Green Commercial Grade Laser Light
The Green Sparkle Magic Commercial Grade Illuminator Laser Light Projector has stationary beams that are more condensed, at a 90-degree spread, and more concentrated than many other starfield projectors. Sparkle Magic Commercial Grade Illuminator features an adjustable beam pattern and focus cap to control...
$ 99.99 $ 39.99
Night Stars Moving Red, Green, and Blue Laser with 16 Color LED
The Night Stars Red, Green, and Blue Moving Laser Light with 16 Color LED spotlight is the ultimate all-in-one laser light projector! This laser light projector gives you the ability to create a different laser light show display every night and add a LED lighting...
$ 199.99 $ 99.95
Indoor/Outdoor Compact Green Laser
This bright Indoor/Outdoor Garden Landscape Green Laser Projector sends thousands of stationary beams at 160 degrees from the lens for 100 feet or more. It comes on a flexible 6 inch stem attached to a stake for the ground and...
$ 39.99 $ 19.95
Night Stars Dual Moving 12 Pattern Red & Green Laser Projector with Remote
The Night Stars Dual Moving 12 Pattern Laser Light Projector is one of the most advanced moving pattern laser projectors available today!  This projector has dual moving light show displays (green and red) that move in a circular motion and 12 different...
$ 199.99 $ 99.95
Moving 8-Pattern Red and Green Laser Light Projector
The 8-Pattern Garden Laser Light displays red & green patterns with variable speeds and comes with a remote control. This projector uses high-quality laser holographic technology to project breathtaking effects onto any surface.     Package includes: Light Projector, User Manual, Stake, Adapter/Power...
$ 99.99 $ 34.95
Spectrum Cannon RGB Moving 16 Pattern Laser Projector with Bluetooth Speaker (SL-39)
The Cannon 16 Moving Pattern - Red, Green & Blue Laser Projector by Spectrum Laser Lights The Cannon laser projector offers 16 large patterns and has a built-in BlueTooth speaker! The audio-sync technology randomizes the laser light show to the beat of your music! Pairing is simple with...
$ 125.00 $ 119.00
Spectrum RGB Moving Firefly Laser Christmas Light Projector (SL-33)
The Spectrum Laser Lights Moving Firefly - Red, Green & Blue Laser Light Projector This dynamic moving laser projector creates a wide starfield of over 100,000 points of light with multiple color combinations to choose from mixing Red, Green, and Blue, giving you 9 color combination...
$ 114.00
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