BlissLights SKYLite Laser Galaxy Projector
The BlissLights SKYlite: Ultimate Laser Projector + LED Nebula Cloud Bring a galaxy to any room indoors! The SKYlite instantly projects a field of drifting stars against a transforming blue nebula cloud. The simple button controls make it easy to cycle...
$ 59.95 $ 49.99
BlissLights BL-50 Green Laser Projector Bliss50
The Blisslights Bliss50 green laser light projector creates the ultimate starfield light show effect. The BL-50 is a professional laser projector that is perfect for creating unforgettable lighting effects at weddings and events. Projecting thousands of slowly moving green starry lasers that glide in different...
$ 1,445.00
BlissLights Bliss15 Green Laser Projector BL-15
The Blisslights BL-15 green laser light projector creates the ultimate starfield light show display. The Bliss15 is a simple, easy, and affordable way to add ambiance to your wedding or event! This small box delivers the effect of a starry night sky to...
$ 499.00
BlissLights Bliss15 Blue Laser Light Projector BL-15
The BlissLights BL-15 Blue laser light projector is an easy and affordable way to create a starfield light show at your wedding or event! This compact laser light projector delivers the effect of a starry night sky to any dark room. Thousands...
$ 499.00
Night Stars Red & Green Shimmer Laser Light with Remote
The Red & Green Shimmer Laser Light projector creates thousands of sparkling laser beams to display on your landscape or house in minutes! The shimmer effect is a one of a kind feature that adds a true "wow" effect for the holidays. The...
$ 129.99 $ 69.95
Night Stars Red Laser & Flickering LED Wax Candle (Battery-Operated)
The Night Stars Laser Candle is a unique and stylish candle equipped with a red laser and flickering LED light. This Night Stars Candle is battery-operated, meaning you can take it anywhere you go! Calming, approachable, seductive, and sublime. The Red laser and...
$ 39.99 $ 24.95
Spectrum RGB Moving Firefly Laser Christmas Light Projector (SL-33)
The Spectrum Laser Lights Moving Firefly - Red, Green & Blue Laser Light Projector This dynamic moving laser projector creates a wide starfield of over 100,000 points of light with multiple color combinations to choose from mixing Red, Green, and Blue, giving you 9 color combination...
$ 114.00
Night Stars Red Laser & Flickering LED Wax Candle with Remote (Rechargeable)
The Night Stars Flameless Laser Candle is a unique and stylish candle equipped with a red laser and flickering LED light. The Night Stars Candle can be battery-operated or plugged into an outlet with the included power adapter. The timer lets...
$ 39.99 $ 29.95
Starry Starry Night Laser Projector
These Red or Red & Green Starry Starry Night laser projectors send thousands of brilliant laser beams dancing across the walls and ceilings. Watch patterns spread wider as the distance between surface and projection lens increases. You have a speed control and...
$ 39.95 $ 18.95
Night Stars Moving Red, Green, and Blue Laser with 16 Color LED
The Night Stars Red, Green, and Blue Moving Laser Light with 16 Color LED spotlight is the ultimate all-in-one laser light projector! This laser light projector gives you the ability to create a different laser light show display every night and add a LED lighting...
$ 199.99 $ 99.95
BlissLights TRIO 3-In-1 Laser Light Projector
The BlissLights TRIO has the three most popular BlissLights laser light colors all-in-one laser light projector! Within a few minutes, you can create a magical multi-colored light display with one BlissLights projector. The metal casting of this projector ensures it will perform...
$ 99.99 $ 69.99
Night Stars Red & Green Laser with Moving White Snowfall LED Effect with Remote
The Night Stars Light with LED White Snowfall Effect Laser Light Projector This projector is unlike anything on the market! It is the ultimate Christmas laser light projector with it's red and green lasers PLUS the white LED snowfall effect to...
$ 99.95 $ 59.95
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