Spectrum Cannon RGB Moving 16 Pattern Laser Projector with Bluetooth Speaker (SL-39)
The Cannon 16 Moving Pattern - Red, Green & Blue Laser Projector by Spectrum Laser Lights The Cannon laser projector offers 16 large patterns and has a built-in BlueTooth speaker! The audio-sync technology randomizes the laser light show to the beat of your music! Pairing is simple with...
$ 125.00 $ 114.00
Spectrum White Laser Light with 7 Color Options & Bluetooth Speaker (SL-47)
The White Laser Light with 7 Full Spectrum Colors & Bluetooth Speaker The Spectrum White Laser Projector displays a wide pure white starfield and has 6 other colors to choose from! This projector has a built-in BlueTooth speaker allowing you to have the laser light show move to...
$ 150.00 $ 129.00
Spectrum Moving Blue Firefly Laser Light Projector (SL-29)
Moving Blue Firefly Laser Light Projector from Spectrum Laser Lights This premium projector displays a bright and vibrant ultra-wide blue starfield with over 100,000 points of light. This simple-to-use, plug & shoot projector, will allow you to avoid the ladders and hours of setup and...
$ 99.00 $ 84.00
Spectrum Yellow Firefly Laser Projector with Blue LED Cloud & Bluetooth Speaker (SL-55)
Yellow Firefly Laser Light Projector by Spectrum Laser Lights The Yellow Firefly laser light simulates summertime fireflies with yellow laser glow effects. In addition to the yellow firefly effect, the projector has a high-powered nebula blue LED cloud effect that creates a magical backsplash....
$ 129.00 $ 110.00
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