Blue Moon Mood Light

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Projects a celestial design throughout the room in contrasting blue and golden light. Great for nightlights, mood lighting, dorm rooms, kids' rooms, accent lighting, etc. Will fit anywhere a regular light bulb fits including: ceiling fixtures, table lamps, floor lamps, wall sconces, porch lights, etc. Made with special paint that is heat resistant & non-toxic, so it will never fade, melt, burn, peel, or smell. Placed under a shade or white glass globe, the colors & designs can be seen shining through! Use without a shade & reflect the colors & designs onto the walls & ceiling. Will light up the whole room if it is dark in the room!  When reflecting the design, best results are achieved on a white wall or ceiling! Place the lamp close to the wall for a sharper image or further away for a larger image. Remember that with the round design of the bulb being reflected onto a flat wall, distortion is normal.

The different ways to use our hand painted bulbs are limited only by your imagination!

  • Best effects achieved on white or lighter colored walls and lamp shades in a darkened.
  • Also glow great on softer colored walls.
  • Standard base fits ANYWHERE a regular light bulb screws in.
  • The paint used is permanent, and planet, pet, and people SAFE!!!
  • These long life low energy 25 watt light bulbs last and average of 3 to 5 years of 8 hours daily use.

*The lamp and/or shade is not included, you are purchasing the light bulb that will mount in any common light fixture.

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