3 to 1 Notched Connector Splitter

$ 7.50

This 3 to 1 Notched Connector Splitter with male & female connections is designed to be used with products that use notched connectors. A LARGE ENOUGH CAPACITY TRANSFORMER must be used to power mutliple projectors. 

Eliminate unsightly and unsafe extension cords by adding these low voltage wires to any 12 volt AC landscape lights when an adequate transformer is being used.

ALWAYS MAKE SURE THAT YOUR LARGE TRANSFORMER has enough wattage to power the lights you plan on using and recognize that long cable runs can reduce power too. You can leave the transformer that came with the projector at the socket where it is plugged into the building and use almost any length to reach the location where you want a single projector to be located but must upgrade to a larger transformer to run multiple units.

You can replace the original transformer with a more powerful 120 watt light sensing transformer that we offer.  It can operate multiple landscape lasers or LED lights by adding this low voltage cable so that a whole array of lights is powered and controlled by one location. Our low voltage cable comes in 6 foot, 16 foot and 32 foot lengths, 3 and 5 say splitters,

When you use the 120 watt light sensing transformer  and add an extension cable with a splitter hub connector at end, from there you are able to add many projectors on to the end of a long run of the low voltage wire.  This helps to reduce the number of wires running across your landscape.

Compatible with Sparkle Magic, RG, RGB, X30P, X34P and X41P or other units that have notched connectors. 

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