Big Beam Laser Light Projector

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Big Beam Laser light projector is variable speed with remote control, you CHOOSE either Red, Green or Blue laser color, is perfect for creating a fire fly effect on your landscape. Beams project about 160 degrees from the lens so they cover a very large area.  Unique holographic layering creates thousands of BIG points of laser beam lights.  Like all laser lights, the beams are most visible when shown on a light background or at close range.  Set up a holiday lighting display in minutes that will wow your neighbors!  Ideal for your landscape, special occasion or party, and is great for holiday lighting, such as Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas. Heavy duty metal construction and are energy efficient, weather resistant.

Green video:


Red Video:

Blue video:

Includes: stake, transformer with notched wire 6’ long, hex wrench to tighten, remote with batteries.

  • Power consumption 5w
  • Temp of operation -4 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit - (-18° to 40 Celsius)
  • Allow 25 minutes to warm-up at temperatures below 60
  • Spread of beams up to 160 degrees from lens
  • IP65 standard water resistant
  • Laser power;  Red 100MW, Green 30mw and Blue 100mw
  • Remote control has 2,4,6,8  timer options. Turns on for the amount set and then turns on again in 24 hours or defaults to 8 hours if not set on remote
  • Limited 90 day warranty

Wave Lens Adapter accessory.

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