BlissLights Spright MOTION Laser

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BlissLights Spright "MOTION" choose either Red, Green, or Blue (see more details below) and features 10 speeds of laser beam movement from stationary to fast by remote control, a 20ft cord, built-in timer, mounting stake, flat stand and improved holographic technology. A captivating display, BlissLights has given their popular outdoor/indoor Spright laser projector the power of MOTION, so your celebrations can be more spectacular than ever.  Great for holiday lighting for fast and easy set up. Just plug in play for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas or any event!

This indoor or outdoor unique lighting experience has thousands of moving pin points of light. Unlike previous firefly effects, you can now control your "firefly effect" with a simple click of a button. Within minutes, you can stake it or use the stand to set it in any location without the need of purchasing additional accessories. It's the best "instant Holiday light" you've been looking for that has been redesigned to be the ultimate lighting experience--year-round! Explore your new options with Motion! Green lasers are the brightest.  Dark surroundings and light surfaces work best for less visible red or blue lasers.

  • 1 MOTION with 20' cord and built-in timer
  • Remote Control with 2 AAA batteries
  • Ground Stake
  • Stand
  • Transformer

The MOTION'S Green Firefly Effect – The Motion in Green looks amazing on trees and plants by creating that magical, moving “firefly” glow in your backyard. You can replace ordinary Christmas lights or spice up any existing Holiday display while eliminating the use of ladders and messy cords. But the magic is not limited to the Holiday season; you can use this light for weddings, parties, special events, and more. Light is your playground to make every day into a Holiday with the BlissLights Motion!

The MOTION'S Red Firefly Effect – The Motion in red looks amazing when used with warm or complementary lighting by creating that magical, moving “firefly” glow in your indoor and outdoor spaces.It appears more subtle to the human eye and can help create a relaxing environment indoors. You can also place it closer to a projected surface to create a more concentrated effect.

The MOTION'S Blue Firefly Effect – This laser color looks great in any outdoor space like the green laser. The magic of the blue laser looks amazing on walls, snow, and any water fixture. You can use it indoors and outdoors to transform any event, Holiday, or moment with a moving blue starry-night feel.

  • 6-hour on/18-hour off timer
  • Coverage 160 dgree spread or up to 50' x 50'
  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • Made with ABS, binary resin
  • Operating temperature: -15ºF to 90ºF.
  • Maximum single beam laser power: less than 5m W
  • Laser color: green, blue, or red.
  • Laser wavelength: 532 nm (green), 455nm (blue), 660 (red).
  • Power consumption: 3 watts (between 65º and 90º), up to 10 watts (between -15º and 64º).
  • Power input: 110V/120V with provided transformer.
  • 12 volt AC output with unnotched low voltage connector and low voltage wiring systems.
  • Warranty: Manufacturer's One-Year Warranty provided by BlissLights, from receipt of product.
  • Imported

 Wave Lens Adapter creates unique wave patterns fast and simple!

NOTE:  Speed control settings of light movement are user adjustable via the remote control from up to 15' away. The 10 settings range from a fast setting (for lively activities such as indoor parties and attention-getting outdoor light displays) to slower, gentle movement for tranquil indoor ambience and firefly-effect outdoor settings, all the way down to stationary.

***Important notice regarding remote control operation:
If the rotation of the product's starfield projection starts and stops randomly, there is a wireless signal interference (e.g. radio control toys, remote controls for TV or entertainment systems, automatic vacuums, etc.). To verify if this is the case, please try covering the window at the bottom of the front lens with your finger to block stray infrared signals from entering the window. If this corrects the problem, please check the other electronic products running in the room to determine where the stray signals are coming from.

 RGB color comparison


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