Laser Wand Tubular

$ 19.00


The Laser Wand Tubular Pointers, available in Green or Red, are perfect for festivals on the playa, dance parties, night clubs, any dark rooms, and for projecting onto landscapes to create a "firefly" effect. Aim beams into fog or haze to display bands of light as the full length of each beam becomes illuminated. Uses two AAA batteries and turns on by holding down the button on the side. We recommend carrying spare batteries for use during parties or events.

  • Wavelength 532 nm
  • Dimensions 15.5cm X 1.2cm
  • Power Output 30 mW
  • Batteries 2 - AAA
  • Range 500 Ft
  • Safety Class IIIb

Be aware that handheld lasers are sensitive to cold temperatures and will not operate until warmed up to about 65 degrees.

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