8 Best Star Light Projectors


8 Best Star Projectors | Breathtaking Buys to Add Life to Your Indoor Space

Are you in search of a sleeping aid? How about something to make the party or date livelier? Both? Regardless, you might want to consider star projectors. These amazing things give you the universe in one touch of a button. 

That said, you may be thinking you’d rather visit the nearest science museum due to their high costs. Fortunately, some of the best planetarium projectors out there in the market that don’t break the bank yet can turn your home into outer space in an instant. The BlissLights Sky Lite (more on this later) is one such option. 

Of course, there are many other options out there (which can be considered among the best galaxy light projectors) that are reasonably priced and bring outer space into your home right away. 

For this reason, choosing the best product for your household can be quite a challenge. This star projector buying guide and a list of the eight best star projectors following that should aid you in making the right decision.

Buying Guide and Things to Consider


Despite the main feature of this type of product, there are models that don’t cost a fortune, as mentioned above. These usually are straightforward models that right away turn your room into outer space with just one button touch, although many come with a few other practical features that make them decent night lights for little children, and others have some features that allow for fun learning on the spot. 

However, many other models with so many features packed into a hard plastic body cost much. This is especially true if these products were created from top-grade materials. 


Different models may make use of different technologies, but one thing is for sure--every star projector these days that’s worth considering has a series of LED lights set deep within its body. While a more expensive piece of technology, LEDs are brighter and longer-lasting, thus allowing you to enjoy the light projections longer. LEDs also do not consume much electrical power, removing the need to constantly watch how long the unit has been on. 

Another thing to watch for when choosing from among the best galaxy light projectors out there in the market is a model’s power requirement or source. Some models run on battery power, while others need to be plugged to a power outlet or USB port. Still, there are others that can run on either battery power or electrical power. No power requirement is more superior than the others, except if it best suits your requirements for a star projector for your house. 

For example, if you’re looking to be able to move the star projector around the house, then you might want a model that can run on either batteries or electrical power, one that runs exclusively on batteries, or one with a long power cord. 

A third thing to watch when selecting from among the best planetarium projectors or star projectors for your home is a model’s lighting modes. There are models with so many lighting modes, making them suitable for more lighting needs or situations than others. Because they tend to cost more, you might want to consider the more straightforward options--unless, of course, you are specifically in search of a star projector model suitable for more lighting needs and situations.


This refers to how much space the light of a product can cover and thus, the best spaces where that product can be used. Because many such products are intended for children, it’s no surprise that most of the best galaxy light projectors are best used in living rooms or bedrooms, and thus, it follows that most models have light powerful enough to cover most bedrooms and living rooms. 

How to Choose the Right Product for You

Simply put, as long as a product isn’t poorly made from low-end materials and uses LED lights instead of incandescent lights, then that product can be the right product for you. However, your ultimate choice should depend on what the projector is intended for. 

Will it be your child’s sleep aid? If so, then the unit should preferably be soft and childproof. Will the unit be used for house parties or dates done in the house? Then choose a unit that is sleek, stylish, and features a wide array of projection and lighting options. Will the product be used as a learning aid? Then choose a unit that can project images of planets, constellations, and other heavenly bodies. 

The Eight Best Star Projectors: Our Top Picks

Sega Toys Homestar Flux

This product is a home planetarium projector, meaning that it projects realistic stars. It costs quite a fortune at $299.99 but for that price, you not only will feel that the stars up in the sky are within your reach, as you get to see shooting stars as well. Load up any of the projection disks to the unit itself for a different experience of the night sky. 

Experiencing the night sky up close and personal with the Sega Toys Homestar Flux is possible because of its lenses, which project an accurate sky of 60,000 stars onto either the wall or ceiling. The light show can rotate if you want it to rotate for a realistic experience in your bedroom or living room. 

This home planetarium features ultra-bright 3-watt white LED technology. It has a projection distance of 59 to 90 inches and a projection area of 106 inches in diameter. It has a timer feature that lets you control how long you want to enjoy the light show. It needs to be plugged into a wall outlet to work.

The unit comes in black. It measures 6.5 by 6.3 by 5.9 inches, and weighs 1.76 pounds. 


  • Realistic Display
  • Many possible display options
  • Great for most rooms or spaces


        • Pricey
        • It can be difficult to set up at home



          BlissLights Sky Lite

          The BlissLights Sky Lite is a more affordable option at $49.99, but for that price, you instantly get to experience drifting stars with a transforming blue nebula cloud backdrop right in your living room or bedroom. This is not only possible because of its top-grade lenses, but also because of its simple button controls, which, by the way, also allow you to cycle through various light effects, brightness options, and even let you start or stop the rotation of the display. 

          The unit is white in color, and the display blue. This star projector measures 9.9 by 8.2 by 3.2 inches, and weighs 1.75 pounds. It is durable as it is made of metal and plastic. It has two LED lights that can be adjusted so the light show can be projected onto a wall or ceiling of a room. It needs to be plugged into a wall outlet to function.


          • An affordable experience of stars and galaxies
          • Adjustable light show
          • Straightforward controls


          • Judging from the pictures, it seems the light show can only be aimed at a wall or ceiling, not both. 



          Can You Imagine Laser Twilight Projector

          The Can You Imagine Laser Twilight Projector is one that projects the twilight sky onto the ceiling or wall of a room. This image rotates slowly as time passes to replicate the earth’s movement. 

          For some added variety, the projector has two settings: clouds drifting or a clear sky. And to help you save on electrical power, the unit has a shutoff feature that activates automatically after four hours. The unit can be used as a night light as well.

          This unit is star-shaped and is silver in color. It measures 10.9 by 12.3 by 9.4 inches, and weighs about a pound. 


          • Straightforward controls
          • Has a shutoff feature to save on electrical powerful


          • The light show does not reflect how heavenly bodies appear 



          Smithsonian Optics Planetarium Star Projector 

          This is a must-have item for the huge science fans as it lets them see different stars, planets, galaxies, and gas clouds. Images of these heavenly bodies are spread out on three discs, two of which you can play at once via the unit’s double lens feature. 

          The Smithsonian Optics Planetarium Star Projector is gray in color and measures 10 by 7 by 10 inches. It weighs 1.95 pounds and requires 4 AA batteries to run. The product is best used in a bedroom or study room. 


          • Light shows are faithful to reality
          • Multiple images to see, all spread out on three slides


          • Images on the slides tend to be blurry
          • Battery power does not last long



          Multi Colors Star Projector

          Unlike the entries mentioned above, this Multi Colors Star Projector does not feature realistic stars. Instead, this product features an attractive show of star shapes colored by four colored lights. Activating this colorful light show requires that you push one of the buttons in the straightforward control panel, which features buttons for other functions, the most notable function being night light mode. 

          The product also features a timer, which lets you control how much time you want the night show to last in the bedroom. 

          This star projector weighs 8.5 ounces, and measures 6.7 by 5.3 by 5.3 inches. It runs on 4 AAA batteries and is made of plastic. 


          • It’s a great choice for those who would rather have a colorful light show than realistic stars
          • Straightforward control panel


          • Because it is powered by batteries, you cannot expect the light show to go on for a long time. 


          Cloud b Twilight Turtle Classic Nightlight Soother

          Ease your child’s fear of the dark with the Cloud b Twilight Turtle Classic Nightlight Soother, a product that’s not just a star projector, but also a plushie of a sleeping turtle, a message to children that the dark is nothing to be afraid of. 

          It’s easy to set up. And once switched on, the plastic shell of the Twilight Turtle will project constellations of stars onto the ceiling and walls of the child’s bedroom to give it a peaceful aura. Its LED bulbs are powered by 3 AAA batteries, and these bulbs stay on for 45 minutes to ensure complete darkness when the child enters deep sleep.

          The product weighs 12 ounces, and measures 12 by 8 by 3.9 inches. It’s BPA-free, Phthalate-free, Latex-free, and lead-free. Its color is faithful to the color of a sea turtle. 


          • Gives the room a peaceful aura
          • The image of a sleeping turtle can be encouraging to children having trouble sleeping at night
          • The light show lasts until the child enters deep sleep


          • No known drawbacks



          Bubzi Co White Noise Sound Machine and Sleep Aid Night Light

          Like the option above, this star projector is one that also doubles as a plushie. But unlike the aforementioned option, this product by Bubzi Co also features the following relaxing sounds: mama’s heartbeat, bird song, and a number of relaxing lullabies. 

          Also, this product has a thirty-minute timer—after the sounds have been played, the device automatically shuts down to ensure uninterrupted, deep sleep for baby. 

          The star projector at the center of the device can be aimed at a wall so the baby will enjoy enchanting, fading constellations of colorful stars. This product weighs 12 ounces and measures 8.5 by 7.2 by 5.2 inches. Its features are powered by one lithium metal battery. 


          • Generally easy to use
          • The sounds greatly complement the star projector feature


          • No known drawbacks



          Elly Twilight Constellation Galaxy Star Projector 

          The Elly Twilight Constellation Galaxy Star Projector is a touch-activated, round projector that can transform bedrooms and nurseries into a sanctuary that calms and comforts kids. It mainly features efficient and multi-colored LEDs that project an array of stars onto the walls and ceiling of a bedroom. 

          Like the above option, it has a 45-minute auto-off timer to ensure complete darkness when the child enters deep sleep. But unlike the above option, this one is powered by 3 AA batteries, enough power for more than 60 nights of sleeping time. It is made of plastic. 

          This item weighs 4.6 ounces and measures 4.9 by 4.9 by 3.2 inches. It is BPA-free, lead-free, and Phthalate-free. 


          • Touch-activated
          • Its design matches the typical design of a kid’s bedroom. 


          • No known drawbacks


          Did you enjoy this buying guide? Be sure to check out our large selection of outdoor laser light projectors and even more indoor light projectors options. Leave your questions and comments below!

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