Best Christmas Light Projectors of 2018


Best Christmas Light Projectors for 2018

The holidays are meant to be a time to enjoy making memories with family and friends, but we all too often are caught up spending hours decorating our homes. Nowadays, in only a few minutes, you can decorate your house for the holidays with Christmas light projectors!  Just plug in, point, and shoot!

Holiday light projectors are the new and improved way to decorate your house! This year's newest Christmas light projector models are taking the technology to the next level, some notable features include…

•    Better holographic displays

•    More powerful light beams

•    Energy efficient LED lights

•    Multi-color projectors

•    And, the release of the first white laser light projector!


We’ve rounded up our top picks for the 7 Best Christmas Light Projectors for 2018! Check out the list below:


Night Stars RGB laser projector with floodlight

1. Night Stars Multi-Color Moving Laser Light with 16 Color LED

This is truly the ultimate Christmas laser light projector! You get the features of four separate projectors in one powerful product. Packed with a multi-colored laser light display (red, green, and blue laser lights) and a 16 color LED spotlight - all of which are controlled by the wireless remote! A year ago, it was hard to imagine a holiday light projector with all of these great features, and now it is available for Christmas decorating!


Night Stars Moving White Laser Light Projector

2. Night Stars Moving White Laser Light Projector

This projector has made the list because for years lighting lovers have repeatedly asked for a projector with white laser lights. We are happy to make this a reality with the Night Stars Moving White Laser Projector! Now you can finally light up your house with elegant white lights without having to use string lights. It is also a great projector to use to create an indoor white star shower light display. This projector has settings that allow you to control the speed and motion of the white lasers. Make sure to get your white laser Christmas light while supplies last!


BlissLights TRIO RGB Laser Projector

3. BlissLights TRIO Laser Projector

The BlissLights TRIO is a 3-in-1 laser projector. With this one projector, you get all three of the most popular BlissLights laser colors - red, green, and blue. The projector comes with a wireless remote which allows you to select the color settings, choose one of the colors or display all three at the same time! The TRIO uses the highest quality technology and superior holographic lasers with stationary beams. This is a perfect landscape light projector that can be used outdoors and indoors.


Night Stars Shimmering Laser Light Projector

4. Night Stars Red & Green Shimmer Laser Light Projector

Just in time for the Christmas season, now you can create a sparkling light effect from a laser light projector. As the name states, this one of a kind projector displays shimmering red and green star shower. Night Stars allows you to exhibition a stationary or shimmering light display in your favorite color all from one remote control. This is a great choice for creating lavishing sparkling star lights for outdoor holiday decorating or indoors at events and weddings!


5. BlissLights MOTION Laser Projector

Get the legendary BlissLights laser technology with the motion firefly effect! Even though this projector has been around for a few years, we believe it deserves a spot on this years list of top projectors. This indoor or outdoor magical lighting experience projects thousands of moving pinpoints of colorful laser beams. Unlike previous firefly effects projectors, you can now control the firefly effect motion with a simple click of a button - the projector has 10 movement speeds. The BlissLights MOTION deserves a spot on this year's list of best holiday light projectors.


Night Stars Dual Moving 12 Pattern Christmas Laser Projector

6. Night Stars Dual Moving 12-Pattern Holiday Projector

For those looking to create some fun and cheerful holiday holograms, the all-new Dual Moving 12-pattern Holiday Projector from Night Stars is the perfect projector to get in the spirit of the holidays! This projector has both a red and green moving projector inside the unit, which allows you to pick only one color or to use them both at the same time! There are 12 great holiday patterns that you can automatically choose from, including snowflakes, jingle bells, Santa Claus, candy canes, ornaments, and many more. So sit back and enjoy the different features all with one click from your wireless remote control!

Best Sparkle Magic Commercial Grade Illuminator Laser Light Projector

7. Sparkle Magic Illuminator Commercial Grade Laser Projector

Sparkle Magic has released a new and improved version of their famous “Illuminator” landscape laser light - the Commercial Grade Illuminator. Now with lower temperature resistance, brighter and wider spray pattern, and the ability to splice into low voltage landscape cables. This is an excellent option for year-round landscape lighting or decorating outdoors for the holidays. The Illuminator is a compact projector with smaller coverage than the other projectors on the list. However, the Illuminator is energy efficient and affordable which makes it easy for customers to use multiple units for their lighting displays and get all the angles covered! The Illuminators are great for creating magical firefly effects on large trees or landscapes and available in red, green, and blue!


Didn’t find what you were looking for in this list or want to see other great light projectors? Check out our full collection Christmas light projectors HERE.

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