Visiting Randy Johnson, BlissLights' designer, to see the Laserium and his new Volumetric holographic projector

Randy invited us to join him with the creator of the shortlived Laserium Theater at Hollywood & Vine after years of performing this famous laser show at the Griffith Park Observatory. The creator of this show invited us to join him backstage to share this laser show. Then we went to Randy's workshop to spend the weekend exploring his newest laser projectors which are revolutionizing the laser projection industry for DJs, event producers, home theaters, night clubs and so much more. Although this theater is now closed we are doing shows with BlissLight Randy's more sophisticated modern Three Dimensional Volumetric Laser Scanner that immerses the audience inside the light show where they are surrounded by pure light sheets, waves and walls. This new Volumetric 3D Laser Scanning Projector is no larger than a suitcase, is operated by software from a laptop and uses a state of the art Radiance hazer to fill the room with a super fine water mist to show the three dimensional lighting effects all around the room. We are available to schedule these 3D laser shows wherever they are desired. View this new laser scanning system by copying this address to your browser. [caption id="attachment_128" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="We will be backstage with Laserium creator Friday night."]We will be backstage with Laserium creator Friday night.[/caption]

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