Laserpod video review - Orb, Galaxy Collection & Super Nova

Here we review the three Laserpod projectors for you. Each model comes with the ac transformer and the Galaxy collection model can be battery operated also. You can order them thru links listed by each description. Laserpod Orb - This is the least expensive of the series in a black plastic case with a swiveling directional lens on the top. Laserpod Galaxy Collection - This is the original design which comes in a silver metal case with three lens included from a tall dome, to short dome and flat glass version for different effects as shown in the video. Laserpod Super Nova - This is the latest model which also comes in a stainless steel caes and has a green and red laser and more power for a larger display area. While you are considering laser projectors you should also be aware of the Laser Stars Starfield Projector which is the low cost version of the BlissLights series of Laser Starfield projectors. This small projector makes your ceilings and walls disappear into space. It covers a 20' circular area. Find these and many other exciting projectors to enhance your home, restaurant, night club or any location at or email us at or call 877-265-8618 [youtube=]

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