The NEW Bliss Blue Laser Starfield Projector has arrived!

Watch the NEW Bliss Blue Laser Starfield Projector as the Blue Nebula Cloudfield is adjusted on & off for a variety of effects. This is the latest in the series of Starfield projectors that are now being used across the nation and the globe in homes, night clubs, restaurants, healing centers, festivals and more. Blue Lasers are usually very expensive and the original version of this Blue Laser Starfield projector costs $6,000 but with a lucky purchase we are now able to offer this new version for $1495. This projector has comparable power to the original Bliss 50 with beams visible on surfaces hundreds of feet away. In haze or fog the laser beams become visible for their full length. In good weather these Starfield projectors are used outdoors to fill the forest with a firefly appearance. These laser beams are 445nm wavelength, for a Blue/Violet color with a slightly larger square beam than the original green pin point green laser beams of the Bliss 15 & Bliss 50 models. This is just one of the famous BlissLights Laser Starfield projectors on sale now at our web site You can also email us at or call 877-265-8618 for further assistance. [youtube=]

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