CFL bulbs create disturbing Electromagnetic Fields with negative health impacts

I wondered about cfls when PGE was pushing them so hard for energy savings while we were simultaneously offering LED bulbs for the first time. We stopped at a cfl promo display showing electricity use of incandescent bulbs compared to cfls and they used about 1/3 the power. Then we compared to one of our LED bulbs and …they first thought the meter was broken because you could barely see it move. No, the electricity consumption was nearly too low for the meter to register it. Then we found that cfls have mercury in them and are hazardous if broken and difficult to recycle. Now we find that they mess up the electromagnetic fields by affecting the sine wave pulses of electric waves and have recorded negative health impacts, after filling our homes with them do “do the right thing”. After using and selling LEDs for a few years we have found that they are pricey, tend to be dim compared to traditional lighting and may not last as long as advertised, but they definitely use a 1/10th or so, of the electricity!! You can find our LED bulbs by clicking here. Click here for video news report about how CFLs are poisoning us

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