Laser beam sightings all over Nevada City!

You will be seeing more Laser "Fireflies" around Nevada City this winter as we will be adding "Spright" Laser Starfield Projectors to the Deer Creek Inn at the bottom at 116 Nevada St. across from the public parking lot there. Photos of Deer Creek Inn, Nevada City
This photo of Deer Creek Inn is courtesy of TripAdvisor Each evening you can spot our popular laser fireflies in the forest to the left of the OUTSIDE INN at 575 East Broad St. If you look carefully you will also see some of our Red and Green Laser beams in the landscape decorations purchased last year of Lance Amaral for his famous holiday lighting display at his home on Pasquale Road just off of Red Dog Road leading to Cascade Shores. You can also get a hint of the indoor Laser Starfield Projector's effects at the Sushi Q restaurant at Commercial St. where they have the low cost Laser Stars projector on display even though it is difficult to see the effects due to the bright lighting in their dining room. You can find all of our landscape lighting projectors on our web site by clicking here.

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