Laser Starfields fill the Tanglewood Forest in Nevada City

Tanglewood Forest' owner and founder, Marci Wolfe, and I have appreciated how her magical forest settings and my laser starfields would fit together for years but finally put them together so that her store is illuminated by a Bliss 50 Laser Starfield Projector over the front door when they are closed. You can see how this beautifully fills the forest scene with the blue nebula cloud and thousands of moving laser beams. I also placed a small Laser Stars projector back by the cash register so that you can see some of the effects behind the cashier during the day too. I was pleased that the very next customer to walk in the door commented "you are covered with green beams" as soon as she entered, even in the bright daylight. Marci is famous for her creation of handmade faerie characters with very realistic attributes. Her Nevada City store is filled examples of her artistic creativity and select artists from around the world.

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