Spright & LS20G-SZ Landscape Laser Starfield Projectors

http://youtu.be/WnrlnunBXpU Here is a new video presentation of the Spright & LS20G-SZ Laser Projectors in action. It is very difficult to capture this lighting effect which must be seen live in person to get the full impression but these photos and video will at least give you an idea what is in store when you install these at your home or business. The Spright & LS20G-SZ Laser projectors have become immensely popular for showering landscaping with laser beams that give the appearance of fireflies throughout the foliage. A single projector sends thousands of beams of a variety of intensity at 160 spread from the lens for up to 100 yards. One Projector placed at 20 to 100' from a home that it is aimed towards can cover all of the home within line of sight with beams including any overhanging trees and the ground leading up to the building. The LS20G-SZ has moving beams for the most spectacular effect with beams slowing moving in 3 directions over one field of stationary beams. The combined look is very soothing and magical. This projector is in use at Disneyland in their Pixie Hollow section where they do a lot to add to the feel of a magical paradise. The experience is dazzling and very difficult to reproduce in photos or video as we attempted here and on our web site at www.LasersandLights.com. You can purchase them there or by calling our offices at 877-265-8618. These are one of a series of indoors and outdoors projectors designed by our friend and we are were the first representatives to bring these to the public in 2007. We suggest that you become familiar with these and the indoor versions which have sold over 500,000 units since their introduction and are used for all sorts of settings including bedroom night lights, mood lighting, restaurants, night clubs, festivals and parties. The Spright uses only 5 to 8watts of 12 volt ac power from a standard Malibu type landscape lighting transformer and the LS20G-SZ uses from 25 to 30 watts so they are using less than a light bulb. Both come with a one year manufacturer's warranty and are rated to last for 7,000 hours of operation and they can be serviced if they ever wear out. You can find both of these for sale on our web site at www.LasersandLights.com or by calling us at 800-265-8618

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