Planning Landscape lighting with Lasers – Spright & Spright MOVE

Planning Landscape lighting with Lasers - Spright & Spright MOVE  Our BlissLights brand Landscape Laser Starfield Projectors have become immensely popular for Christmas lighting displays and throughout the year. Here is a guide to planning your new decorative lighting effects. 1.LOCATION - Choose the locations you want to view the display from to decide if you will project from the house for viewing from indoors thru windows or towards the house for viewing from the street or yard, or both. Many customers find that they add more projectors to increase the beautiful effects for viewing from the house and street from many angles. You can view photos and videos on our web site to help in this planning. Click here for more guidance. 2.MOVING BEAMS? - Decide if you want moving beams (Spright MOVE) or stationary beams (Spright) . The Spright MOVE is typically mounted to a wall, post or tree overhead. The Spright is typically mounted in the ground but also can be attached overhead too. Keep security in mind if you are on public roads were theft may be an issue. We have suggestions for security cables as needed. 3.COMPONENTS - Decide how many and what type of projectors you want. What type of transformers and how many? There are light sensing transformers that can run multiple units or the simple units that are often included with the Sprights that must be turned on and off. 4.Power source and wiring – Find your exterior power sockets and consider how much wiring will be needed. We often have low voltage wire and wire nuts to offer for sale but these can also be purchased at most lawn or hardware stores like standard landscape systems use. 5.Place order considering timing – Most orders ship the next business days but sometimes products are not in stock and others are special order items which can take weeks to arrive. You can call or send an email if you are in a rush, to be sure products will arrive on time. During November and December delays may occur. 6. Photograph your display for a discount on your next purchase – We are always anxious to share examples of the thousands of displays going on across that nation. If you send us photos showing your display we will send you a discount code for you or your friend’s next purchase.

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