Prismatic handheld multi colored light show

This Prismatic handheld multi colored light show - is Only $19.00 It is Great in the Light, INCREDIBLE in the Dark!DANCING WHILE HOLDING PRISMATIC IN YOUR HAND IS AWESOME! I thought this was great for a handheld light show that you could use to fill up any small room and project thru each end until I danced with it at the Stonehouse rave scene last week. WOW, waving, twirling and spinning it around in one hand left gorgeous trails of light outlining my movement and I wished I had one for the other hand too! We are always hunting for more exciting lighting effects and glad to add this and a few others to the line up. You can find them all in our party lights section by clicking here. This is a light show like no other, the double-headed light show that will fill a room with Prismatic drama - walls, floor and ceiling all reflecting multi-colored animated images of light (and it’s all carried in the palm of your hand) Simply carry Prismatic into any room and turn the room into a night club. Because of the double reflective heads, Prismatic will fill the room with a dramatic light show as soon as you walk in. Prismatic has been designed to be held in your hand and has a NON-SLIP RUBBERIZED grip. If you prefer not to hold your Prismatic, simply place it on top of any surface and watch the action. Double Headed Light Show: 3 Light Show Modes Rubberized Non-Slip Grip Uses 3 'AAA' batteries, included. Size: 14.75 x 3.25 x 3.25"

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