Lasers at the Stonehouse inside and out with new installation of LS20G Laser Starfield Projector in the patio

The Stonehouse Restaurant/Bar/NightClub in Nevada City already had a Bliss 15 Laser Starfield Projector indoors and it now has the outdoor version LS20G-SZ Laser Projector in back to fill the patio and surrounding forest with moving laser beams that appear to be fireflies in the trees. Here is a current photo of this fine building which lies in the center of historic Nevada City near the creek that was the first location for gold mining when this town first began as "Dry Creek Diggins". This is the patio behind the the Stonehouse which now has the LS20G Laser Starfield Projector with moving beams installed on a light sensing timer so it will turn on each evening at dusk and run for 6 hours. Since the projector spreads beams 160 degrees from the lens there are beams in all directions covering the tall pine trees as well as the patio below and parking lot and hillside to the sides. Anyone who wants to see this magnificent display can go into the parking lot adjoining the Stonehouse and see this special effects lighting display any evening. You can also see a similar display in Nevada City at the Outside INN, Nevada City Crystal & Glass and Solstice clothing store. Here is the main room at Stonehouse which is often filled with Laser Starfield projections for the many dance parties and other events that take place here, as you can see in the photo below. Here is the Stonehouse as the Brewery back in time. The Stonehouse is available for all sorts of events as a Turn Key Bar/Restaurant/Club with two floors of spacious rooms, forested Patio, Wine Cave and parking for Weddings/Banquet facility in the heart of historic Nevada City.

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