is Lighting up The Reno Star Cosmic Thistle at Burning Man

This fantastic art project will be erected first at Burning Man Black Rock City and then in Reno as part of a grant from the city. It will be lit up inside by an LS20G-SZ Laser Starfield Projector from Lasers and . I just spoke to Mark Szulgit and Brooke Erdman as they drove away from Sebastopol on their way to the playa to build this art project. Here is their pitch on KICKSTARTER that helped get the project completed in addition to a Black Rock Solar grant for support in lighting. The Reno Star Cosmic Thistle stands 46' tall and 65' in diameter. Made from repurposed salvaged steel supplied by the City of Reno. This piece of art has been made possible in large part by the City of Reno and the RSCVA in their continued support of the arts. Following Burning Man, this piece will be transformed into its final stage as the Reno Star and be permanently installed within the City of Reno. The design was inspired by the native landscape celebrating the Sierra Nevada and Great Basin physiographic regions and references the flower shapes typically found in high desert plants. The structural steel box-beams are ripped lengthwise to utilize their inherent internal tension to achieve a natural arcing in the steel spines. The 'crown' is fabricated from the same tube steel and reinforced by the secure geometry of assorted truss and spoke support designs. The Reno Star Cosmic Thistle symbolizes the recycling fertility of the eternal creative spirit. We're pleased that the Reno Star Cosmic Thistle is a grant recipient from Black Rock Solar, who will provide the solar panels to power our lighting. The lighting at Black Rock City is an exciting component to the Cosmic Thistle. Sequential programming, dimmers, and modulated RGB lighting can transform the heavy steel structure, moving it out of it's static reality and into a pulsating movable light being that will be vibrating its message across the playa. This is where you come in. We need your help in getting the proper lighting to fully illuminate the Cosmic Thistle for the citizens of Black Rock Desert. Will you help us? Help us illuminate the 45 foot steel sculpture at Burning Man. We're using solar energy but need LED color changing sequenced lights.

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