Laser Fog Light Show for the perfect Christmas gift in 2012 - Order now for late November or early December delivery

This exciting new Laser Fog Light Show combines the brilliance of green laser light with a fine mist/fog to display this marvelous light show as a miniature laser show like the ones used in rock concerts. Now you can have this miniature light show on your coffee table or end table by your bed for the ultimate light show. This soothing natural lighting effect can help you unwind after a busy day. Click here to go to our web site to buy this fantastic new product! There is a limited supply so we will sell out before Christmas 2012. Since this new product is forecasted to be delivered to us by the manufacturer in mid November we cannot guarantee the exact delivery date. If due to unforeseen circumstances the delivery is delayed, you will get your product when available or be offered a refund if we can't get it to you by December 23rd.

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