Add fog to your light show with Laser Starfield Projectors to make three dimensional lighting fill the room

 Get more exciting lighting effects out of your BlissLights Laser Starfield Projectors by adding fog and using white fabrics to make your lighting more spectacular. See how the laser effects that were only on the walls and ceilings becomes three dimensional filling the air in the room by illuminating the fine water droplets in the fog or even high quality hazers like the Ultra Tec Radiance projector used here. As the haze gets thick the lasers become even brighter up to the point that they block the light from travelling. Try using white organza, gauze or netting fabrics with BlissLights Laser Starfield and LED Cloudfield Projectors behind them for the ultimate display of these effects. One of our favorite fabrics is the white or silver Dancing Wings found by clicking here. This single sheet of hanging white netting takes on a holographic effect as the Bliss 15 Laser Starfield Projector fills it with light. Explore the ways you can transform your home, haunted houses, theatrical stages, art installations and costumes by adding fogs and fabrics to expand on the lighting effects of your Laser Starfield Projectors and Laser Stars.

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