Deflecting Laser Starfield Projector's lighting range with "Barn Door" techniques

Deflecting Laser Starfield Projector's lighting range with "Barn Door" techniques - The fantastic range of 160 degrees spread of laser beams projecting from the lens of the Laser Starfield Projectors for up to 100 yards is very unique and appreciated by everyone, until you find that the beams are shining into the street or your neighbors window or a part of your stage play that you don't want these beams to shine on. Always be cautious to make sure no laser beams can shine onto a roadway where they could distract drivers by shining onto their cars and windshields. Click here to see our popular Spright & LS20G-SZ landscape laser projectors and more. To limit the width of the spread from the fabulous 160 degrees you can use any number of materials to create the "BARN DOOR" type shading options.  You may tape or glue or otherwise attach the barn doors to the projector's case but should never drill into, open or modify the case which voids the warranty and could be dangerous. We have also heard of customers using foil tape, a cardboard box, cardboard sheets, sheet metal or other materials to achieve this same goal of limiting the areas the laser beams shine on. The laser beams from our projectors are always safe for viewing but blocking the beams may be valuable if you find that persons facing the beams are annoyed by the direct lighting towards their eyes. Here are examples of the many commercial barn doors available for purchase for as little as $20 but you will need to take responsibility for figuring out how to mount them on the projector case or fixing them so the projector shines thru them. ELA-OPTIPAR-BARNDOOR-Elation_Barndoor fyVMtP8A

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