Spright firefly landscape projectors are a hit across the USA for 2012 Christmas lighting displays

Spright firefly landscape projectors are a hit across the USA for 2012 Christmas lighting displays. We sold thousands of Spright landscape projectors for homeowners, amusement parks, city centers and public parks all over the world since they were invented. All of the laser beams in the photo below are from a single SPRIGHT Laser Starfield Projector mounted on the top of the Candy Cane pole in the foreground. In a few minutes the low voltage energy efficient transformer is plugged into an outdoor socket, the Spright stake is pushed into the dirt and the display is set complete with thousands of laser beams projecting in 160 degrees for up to 100 yards. Below you can read the story of this display by the homeowner. Here is a link to an article we wrote about security for your projectors. 2laser spright 2 My fiance and I drove up to your Nevada City office last month and purchased 2 green spright starfield projectors for our Christmas lights.  These sprites are great!  My fiance rigged up the projectors to 7' metal fence posts (1.5' in the ground) and then padlocked and chained the sprites to the fence post.  Then, to disguise all that, he put sewage pipe around the fence post and we put red duct tape around the piping to make it look like a candy cane!   :) Unfortunately, someone or a couple of someones tried to steal our sprights last night.  One of the sprights now has a broken stake and the other one has a little damage where they tried to undo the transformer (bolted into the sewage pipe).  Fortunately, the measures my fiance took were enough that we still have our sprights and in working order.  So I decided I better take pictures now. A lot of people in our neighborhood complimented us on the display.  We've given several neighbors your website! Feel free to use any of these photos.  I took them with my professional camera (I used to do wedding photography) and played with different exposures. Cheers & Happy Holidays,   Brooke B

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