Envision Festival 2013 in Costa Rica adds Laser Starfield Projectors to their Healing Space

Envision Festival 2013 in Costa Rica has added the magical lighting effects of the Bliss 50 Laser Starfield Projector to their Healing Space, like many other festivals have done in the past. The soothing effect of the holographic Laser Starfields has been recognized for its soothing and healing aspects for many years in meditation centers and healing centers like this. Thousands of participants will gather for the Envision Festival in Costa Rica. There is no place on earth like Costa Rica and there is no festival like Envision! A celebration of awakening our human potential, Envision is a platform with which we can inspire each other through art, spirituality, yoga, music, dance, and our fundamental connection with nature.

Envision Healing Sanctuary The vision of this space is to create a tropical healing sanctuary and positive energetic container through a variety of workshops and healing modalities. We will provide our Envisionary community with restorative holistic care by licensed seasoned professionals. By integrating creative processes and the power of collective intention, we will take the festival healing experience to the next level of self care. aerial envision Lasers and Lights is proud to join the "Partners and Peeps we Love" as a supporter and co creator of this magnificent gathering. Click here to see our variety of Laser Starfield Projectors for homes and businesses. envision logo  


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