Sponsoring The Bloom webseries documentary on Transformational Festivals - Lasers and Lights


Lasers and Lights proudly announces sponsorship of  The Bloom series. See the TEDxTalks feature given by The Bloom founder Jeet-Kei Leung.

THE BLOOM: A Journey Through Transformational Festivals from Akira Chan Arts on VimeoWatch here: www.TheBloom.TV Long before LasersAndLights.com came to be, our founder, Bruce Beeley, helped build and sustain The Farm commune in the 1970's that brought vegetarianism, midwifery, psychedelics as sacrament, eco-awareness and much more to our nation. More recently he has been  participating in festivals and gatherings with a higher consciousness and community purpose as a way of life. Being able to contribute now with blissful laser lighting effects is a true joy, especially when in support of this growing counter culture. Lasers and Lights.com started with the big laser shows of our theme camp that created Emerald City at  Burning Man in 2001 with the giant green laser over the man and 2003 with the Church of WOW. Then in 2006 the chief laser tech of our camp decided to patent the first BlissLights brand Laser Starfield Projector.  LasersAndLights.com was born by our starting our web site and bringing the first projectors to the DJ convention in Las Vegas in 2007 and now our projectors are being used around the globe for their soothing and dazzling effects. blue man We  encourage support of The Bloom series and invite those who have not seen these fantastic video documentaries to watch them now! Find creativity, love, community, joy and healing through this fascinating series. Stay tuned for more announcements from LasersandLights about these transformational festivals and our lighting productions. Festival lasers

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