Lasers and Lights .com lights up the party in Los Angeles

This "Garden of Lost Dreams", Burning Man themed art party in Los Angeles was the perfect location for adding our Laser Starfield Projectors inside and outside. In 15 minutes of set up I had a Bliss 50 inside, a Bliss Blue on the entrance and white wall adjoining and a green starry starry nights creating fireworks of fireflies in the garden. The performance room was saturated with beams while the blue cloudfield added an accent to the existing colored lighting and art lamps at this studio. Here the Bliss Blue starfield projector scatters its blue violet beams and blue cloud across the entrance and this white wall for the eerie effect this ghostlike party called for. This young woman made a magical fairy of light as her white outfit lit up with our lighting effects. Here two women in white make a lovely projection screen for the Bliss 50 spreading light thru this room. Light up your next party and your home with our Laser Starfield Projectors. Email with any questions about selecting projectors and mounting, to get the optimum effects for your event. If you are a customer, please send us your story or photo and we will show our gratitude by issuing a coupon for your next purchase!

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