Lucidity Festival adds Laser "STARFIELD GALAXY" for dazzling display on entry road for 2014

As you enter LUCIDITY FESTIVAL this year you will be passing through the "STARFIELD GALAXY" with the oak trees lining the road covered with starbeam like laser beams drifting through the leaves and laser rays lighting up any dust in the air. Lasers and will be filling those trees with beams to co-create this magical festival environment by using our landscape "Laser Starfield Projectors" like they are being used in many other festivals and landscapes in homes across the nation.

Lucidity poster JOIN THE MAGICAL GATHERING  THIS YEAR! Don't miss the music, art installations, performers and magical village that is the LUCIDITY FESTIVAL outside Santa Barbara, California as it comes into it's third year of a 6 year planned trajectory.

  lucidity festival sponsorship by Lasers and We are proud to contribute to the dazzling Lucidity Festival by adding our Spright & LS20G moving beam Laser Starfield Projectors to their entrance road where the oak trees will become the "Starfield Galaxy" as listed on their map, due to our projections. Homeowners across the nation are using these projectors to cover their homes and  landscape with this "firefly" effect for Christmas and year round enhancement. You will find our logo and active link to our web site on the scrolling list of 2014 sponsors on the web site as shown above.

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