Lucidity Festival celebration of the "Universe" theme


Starfield Galaxy at Lucidity 2014 by Jon Smith and Bruce Beeley of Lasers and This is the largest installation of laser starfields ever made! The 12 green laser starfield projectors used to make this display are household projectors available for about $200 each from our web site.  at

You have to see this in person to get the full effect but these images can stir your memory or imagination. This effect can be created by adding fog from any fog machine but this display was done with "haze" from a sophisticated "Radiance hazer from UltraTec". This creates the smallest water droplets of pure water with a tiny amount of glycerin for the ultimate ability to remain suspended in the air.

StarFieldGalaxyEthanTurpin018_ResizedStarFieldGalaxyEthanTurpin019_ResizedAaron Cyrus Dorr (4)ResizedStarfield_9193web aaron acdcimagingResizedAaron Cyrus Dorr (2)ResizedStarFieldGalaxyEthanTurpin028_Resized

jonathan (3)Resized  Deviant Spectrum Photography Resized0101


Deviant Spectrum Photography Resized0102

Deviant Spectrum Photography Resized0105

Deviant Spectrum Photography Resized0109

deviant spectrum photography resized0110

Deviant Spectrum Photography Resized0111Deviant Spectrum Photography Resized0112

Deviant Spectrum Photography Resized0113



jonathan (2)Resized

These are photos of the laser STARFIELD GALAXY in the hazer, with photos and videos by:

This entire display is from 12 overhead Spright Laser Starfield Projectors that homeowners are using across the nation for Christmas displays, parties, landscape decor, weddings and special events of all sorts. These simple “Plug and Play” projectors use less then 30 watts of power and cost around $20o each!

This photo of  the "Talk to God Phone Booth" is by Kenny Hoff. This was located at the central intersection of the roads near the entry to Lucidity Festival and is illuminated by a Bliss 15 Laser Starfield Projector with Blue LED Cloudfield which was mounted on my trailer nearby.

gods booth w-lasers Kenny Hoff_H2O_Resized

Brought to you by Lucidity Festival in celebration of the 2014 “Universe” theme this year and from


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