New Spright mounting flange and CLIP for attaching to walls, ceiling or on a counter

~spright MOVE on railing (3)   ~white spright wall mount (12) BlissLights Clip Use the NEW Spright mounting flange for attaching to walls, ceiling or loose on a counter or shelf or the BLISSLIGHTS CLIP for quickly attaching to any surface.  We now see the new original Spright and NEW Spright "MOVE" mounted INDOORS or OUTDOORS on walls, ceilings, railings or anywhere you want. This little flange can make a clean mounting by screwing the flange into any surface or simply resting the flange on any flat surface as a stand. Since lasers are always best mounted overhead this gives these units versatility that they never had before.  You can paint the Spright body to match your walls as we have done here. Be careful to find compatible paints and preserve the safety labels.  ~5-26 MOVE indoors (1) ~5-26 MOVE indoors (6) ~5-26 MOVE indoors (15)

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