Sparkle Magic Laser Landscape Projectors in Red, Green or Blue

Sparkle Magic Commercial Laser Lights Combo Pack
The Sparkle Magic Illuminator Laser Projector is a great laser light projector for indoor and outdoor lighting. The Sparkle Magic Illuminator will light up your backyard landscaping or an interior room with thousand's of firefly lights. The Sparkle Magic Illuminator Laser Projector comes in three exciting colors – Crimson Stars (Red), Emerald Dust (Green) and Indigo Twilight (Blue). It's easy to set up, with multiple mounting options to go with its flexible stems such as a stake, various clamp sizes or a sturdy base. The compact laser beams radiated from the lens at about an 80-degree angle.
Sparkle Magic now offers two versions of the Illuminator Laser Light, the Sparkle Magic Commercial Grade Illuminator and the Sparkle Magic 4.0 Illuminator. 
The Sparkle Magic Illuminator Laser Projector will cover approximately 25 feet by 25 feet. The further you move the Illuminator from your target, the wider spread. The Sparkle Magic Illuminator has an adjustable dial for seven different lighting effects. The Illuminator Laser light is great for weddings, holiday lighting, special occasions, or adding excitement to any landscape.
Sparkle Magic Illuminator Garden Laser Light Coverage
The Illuminator Laser Light comes with a power adapter with a cord that plugs into any 110-volt wall outlet. The Sparkle Magic Illuminator is economical to operate, consuming less than .8 amps, less than 5 watts. Add sparkle and excitement to your indoor or outdoor environment in minutes with the INDOOR/OUTDOOR Sparkle Magic Illuminator Laser Projector!
SparkleMagic_Illuminator_w _clamp_350

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