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Watch Alan Lee tell the story of Blisslights. BlissLights, led by partners Randy Johnson and Alan Lee, started as a concept to help Johnson comfort the toddler in his life by creating a safe, soothing environment in her room. When Lee first saw Johnson’s holographic lighting bathe the room, he thought, “Wow! This is our future.” Eight years later, he says, “it truly has turned into our future.” That was the start of a journey that took Blisslights from a product created for commercialization to consumer use; from licensing to manufacturing; and from marketing to businesses to marketing to consumers. Here’s how Blisslights built a unique business model around the challenge of soothing a child. came into existence after founder, Bruce Beeley saw one of the first prototypes of the Bliss 50 projector in the summer of 2006 and was anxious to buy one for his own and friend's use. Bruce had collected lighting effects for his home and tinkered with his own creations since his childhood. When he got in touch with the creator Randy Johnson, through mutual friends, their conversation led to Randy's suggestion that Bruce become his "Light Emissary" to the world. Bruce then brought a Bliss 50 to the Mobile Beat DJ convention in Las Vegas in the Spring of 2007 and it was a tremendous hit, although it did cost over $3,000 retail and was slow to catch on with no thoughts of landscape lasers at that time. As new designs came out and volumes picked up many popular new economical models emerged to the point where thousands of Spright Landscape Laser Starfield Projectors began decorating Holiday displays across the nation in 2011 and a wide variety of projectors are now popular for indoor and outdoors displays.

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