Laser Stars Twilight demonstration video review by McPhoney


This Laser Stars Twilight is just one of the many Laser Starfield Projectors that we offer. This plastic "toy" version is not serviceable and has only 45 day warranty although they often last for many years. The more powerful metal case units Bliss 15 and 50 series from BlissLights made in the USA have a 1 year warranty and can be serviced at any point in the future. The Bliss series projectors are silent in operation, they only use about 25 watts and will run for unlimited periods of time without the 4 hour cut off period and laser and LED diodes have an expected 7,000 hours of run time. We have them for outdoor use to light up homes for Christmas decorations and landscape decorations, as well as for creating this starry night sky effect in homes, nightclubs, school gymnasiums and much more. If you are buying yours during the fall/winter holiday times be sure to order early as most sources are sold out frequently as the outdoor versions are tremendously popular. These lasers actually are not a threat to eyes even though standard warnings are required. We have sold thousands to DJs, event producers, landscapers, businesses and homeowners since my friend invented them in 2007 and we brought them to market.

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