BlissLights at California Organics restaurant in Nevada City.


best main room California Organics restaurant in Nevada City opens the ceilings into space with Bliss 15 BlissLights laser starfield projectors in both dining rooms. The holographic projections of a soothing starry night sky make ceilings and walls disappear into infinite space as the lasers and blue LED cloudfield gently move creating a relaxing mood. While enjoying this lovely lighting effect you will find delicious organic food on the menu of this famous restaurant in the 7 Hills District off Zion Street. Try transforming your home, bedroom or party into a planetarium like expansive appearance with a single projector with prices starting at $149. 

California Organics Bl 15 (3) As you view the lighting effects from different angles and ambient lighting you get varying depths of visual appearance and color saturation. The apparently purple tones are entirely related to the camera and not visible to the eye. Another exciting way to get a similar effect is the combination of the Indoor/Outdoor BlissLights "MOTION" projector combined with the Indoor/Outdoor Blue LED Moving Water projector.  California Organics Bl 15 (4) 20151221_081036Even in daylight this striking effect is very attractive and at night it becomes even more entrancing.

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