The Blue BlissLights BL-15 Starfield Laser Projector


This BlissLights Blue Bliss 15 laser projector can instantly transform any room into a moving starfield universe of laser beams with a blue moving cloud field in the center. With a 160 degree spread, the projector beams shoot out in every direction to cover floors, walls, and ceilings from one single unit. The green laser Bliss Lights BL-15 has brighter laser beams than the blue laser light version. Therefore, consider which unit will suit your needs as the blue lasers are not as bright and can be difficult to see if there are other lights in the same area. This blue BL-15 laser has a LED cloudfield with an ultraviolet tone. It is great to project onto white fabrics and fluorescent colors to glow them up similar to how blacklights look. The BlissLights company first patented and produced the Bliss 50 green laser projector in 2007 which was the original design with the most numerous and complex green laser star pattern.

Check out the video below to see a live demo of the BlissLights BL-15 in action!

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