Lasers in the rain like sparkling jewels of light


Here you can see raindrops crossing laser beams and sparkling for a moment. This is actually far more dramatic in person since the camera cannot capture as much of the light as the eye does.


Here you can see the way the beam patterns change as water drops hit or move across the lens of the green and blue laser projectors.

Whenever you change the angle of moving laser beams to a surface they are shining on the speed of their movement across the surface changes. When the projector is aimed at 90 degrees to the surface, like a movie projector onto a screen at the movie theater, the beams are at the slowest rate, which also appears faster as the projector is moved further from the screen. When the angle of the screen to the beams is changed the beams get faster and faster, as the video above demonstrates as the beams cross from the overhanging eave to the wall and back again.

Watch how they speed up on the overhang versus the wall and take advantage of this in your projector placement. You can have amazing light shows like these outside your window when you place a laser projector towards your home in the rain or fog. Find a wide variety of laser projectors like these on our website at .

The BlissLights Spright series is the original and highest quality laser projector of this kind and Lasers and Lights was the first company to ever represent this line of lasers to the world in 2007. We supply an array of projectors, mounting equipment, and low voltage wiring to make for dazzling, simple and safe displays at your home and events. Here are some still photos that capture aspects of this study of laser beams effects in rain.









IMG_2669 cropped lasers in raindrops




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